• San Pedro Volcano, Casa Palopó, Santa Catarina Palopó, Sololá

  • Pacaya Volcano

  • Templo I Gran Jaguar, Parque Nacional Tikal, Petén

  • Semana Santa alfombra, Antigua Guatemala

  • Fuente Plaza de la Constitución, Ciudad de Guatemala

  • Mayas Monument, Qurigua

  • St. Catarina Arc, Antigua Guatemala



Dear friends and colleagues:

Welcome to the website of S.T.S. Special Travel Service in which we offer our best product: "Guatemala" with an unsurpassed variety of destinations.

At STS we maintain our work pace, we have built a culture of "passion to serve"; we take advantage of successful experiences that we have accumulated for more than 30 years of professional and honest work, and that now make it possible for us to identify new areas of opportunity.

Times have changed and our customers’ requirements are growing. At S.T.S. we have innovated while keeping up with demand, which allows us to present specialized segments to you through new offerings.

We believe in Guatemala, and we will put all our passion, emotion and devotion to what we do best to see "Guatemala" rank at the top of international tourism destinations very soon, with the backing of STS guaranteed service, that comes from confidence-building experience.

We sell ideas, we sell experiences...


Edna Gonzalez

General Manager


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